new studio. new everything.

i haven’t updated this in eons. sorry, i have been busy!

this past year i moved to maple ridge and converted an old garage to my new studio. it’s a significant change from the last space
and with some onsite accommodations it offers more of a retreat style studio experience. we are out of the burbs now and more rural on an acreage with lots of forest and lakes nearby. also some pretty great sushi.

more details to come asap but it is complete and i am already working there.

just putting the finishing touches on the debut album for Vancouver’s Twin Bandit (Nettwerk Records) and recently completed the
new single for Jordan Klassen (Nevado Records). Also finished work on the long awaited Zaac Pick album and a bunch of other things
as well… mixing Simon Hoskyn’s new album and also completed mix and master of the debut of Lonesome Dove (ex-Fisticuffs aka Jordan Kurtz). North Atlantic Explorers is done too.

Oh, and I just got a vibraphone! The same one used on Jonathan Inc.’s “things done and left undone” and Kensington Prairie’s “captured in still life” – yeah, a little nostalgic :)

ok – stay tuned for more info to come…

cheers amigos,


greetings and salutations

Welcome to the new site for Buena Vista Audio, the recording toybox belonging to Jonathan Anderson, music maker. (producer-multi-instrumentalist-mixer-and-sometimes-masterer and singer-songwriter-artist)

Additional content will begin to appear over the next little while so keep checking in for updates etc.

In the meantime you can have a listen to a few projects:

– Aidan Knight – Small Reveal

– In Medias Res – It was Warm and Sunny when we first set out

– the Magician and the Gates of Love – the singles

– Jonathan inc. – lost:time

for a truly traumatic web experience, you can visit the old myspace page for some more samples here:

You can also check out some older pics of sessions here:

thanks for dropping by, I hope this finds you well. if you want to talk about working together on a project or just want
some additonal info, please feel free to drop me a line via email: jon [ at ] a new study [ dot ] com